Aerial imaging

Cost-effective environmental imaging services combining camera drone and cloud technology

As a drone pilot and operator registered with CAA in the UK I’m able to offer a variety of commercial services in open countryside locations, where a full PfCO is not required.


On one privately owned site in the Surrey Hills AONB I mapped 32 hectares (79 acres) of part ancient, mixed broadleaf woodland.

Thousands of individual images were stitched together to create an orthomosaic which was then exported as individual GeoTIFF tiles capable of being displayed in GIS software, and also as ultra high resolution single images.

Mapping missions were flown at different times of year to show seasonal variation.

32 hectares part ancient, mixed broadleaf woodland in spring
32 hectares part ancient, mixed broadleaf woodland in autumn


Using spectral analysis techniques it’s possible to use aerial imagery for environmental monitoring at landscape scale. The image below compares visual spectrum vs. enhanced NDVI processing to study plant health.

Orthomosaic images can also be used to make accurate measurements to inform effective land management. The aerial map below quickly measured the extent of a heathland fire at Thursley Common NNR for Natural England.

Aerial drone map showing extent of Thursley NNR heath fire


In addition to orthomosaic still images I also produce aerial video footage showcasing natural landscapes.

By layering orthomosaic images created in different seasons it’s possible to create a wide area timelapse sequence, as shown below.

The animated video above shows ancient woodland in West Sussex photographed over the course of one year. It is prime habitat for the White Admiral butterfly.

More conventionally, the video below shows scenes from a Bluebell wood in early spring. Bluebells are an attractive ancient woodland indicator species.